product designer


Developing the viewing experience for artwork purchased on the world's largest marketplace

My Role

I worked as a UX Designer tasked with developing a vision of the View in a Room feature for Amazon Art. I produced wireframes, visual comps and documentation for implementation as well as presented my work for peer review and discussion.

The Situation

The difficulty in buying art online is that you have very little idea how it looks in a room. Often it doesn’t look natural or contextual to a broad cross section of buyers. We sought to find a dynamic way for the user to view artwork within a setting closer to their own

The Results

Below are views of the final artwork as they exist today on Amazon Art. My work directly influence the final result, but I did not lead that effort.

Room View
Larger pieces of artwork are shown in this view.
Room View with View Options
Room view changes for smaller artworks
Full Screen View of Amazon Art
View of a room in context with the site. Visit Amazon Art to view more