product designer

Market Street Tours

Helping a local entreprenuer develop visual identities worthy of their knowledge and ambition.

My Role

Designed multiple brand identities and further marketing solutions for the most popular ghost tour and historical tours in Seattle.


The proprietor has been a long time inhabitant of the Pike Place Market as have her mother and father who also own a business in the Market. With some of deepest knowledge of the Market and it storied past she established the Ghost Tour to tell the tales of those who could not anymore.

Her tours were well liked and her passion deep, but she needed some help to further market her tours as competitors started popping up and trying to wean customers away.


Who doesn't want to work with a client that represents ghosts! Knowing that I didn't want to veer into cliche and that many of the stories involved ghost stories from the early 20th century, I sought aesthetic inspiration from those times. Some of that work can be seen below.

Ghost 01 Logo
The identity was hand-drawn to connect it to the spirit of the market and it’s history
Ghost 02 Posters
This posters hangs in the current location. It takes inspiration from the typography of the early newspapers of the 20th century
Alternate posters
Alternate poster/identity concept
Ghost 03 Lust
Logo iterations for a now-defunct tour