product designer

Microsoft Tag

Imagining a connected world through digital devices

My Role

My role as a designer was to contribute to the definition and design of the global UI, page templates, assets and subsequent style guides. Additional work included visual design of editorial content, designing and prototyping mobile websites.

The Situation

As they began to see positive growth by brands and marketing teams, the exisiting Microsoft Tag website was not adequately positioning its product or capabilities effectively.


We relaunched the site in July 2011 which saw a 30% increase in traffic in our first month. Tag as a product was depreciated this year.

Tag Site 01
Redesigned the secondary section to reduce competition with hero.
Tag Site 02
Example of page design and assets
Tag Site 03
Example of page design and assets
Tag Site 04
Example of page design and assets
Microsoft Tag
Mobile views of the Tag site